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Adam Sornek


A lawyer, who started his career in 2003 in a company engaged in coach and plane transportation. This was valuable legal experience but in particular in business, showing him that clients appreciate not only legal skills but also an ability to search for the best solutions for their businesses. A lawyer who puts the brakes on a business is a bad lawyer. He will never forget this.

After 13 years of work, he is a business advisor with an emphasis on the FMCG market and is constantly gaining experience in legal services to business entities with a particular focus on fast moving consumer goods. He advises companies in the food industry (production, distribution, food, nutrition), household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. As an in-house lawyer he actively advised one of the largest household chemicals companies, a key distributor for P&G, for 4 years. He can boast that he has worked with many companies in the top 500. In his free time he plays the guitar as an amateur and is studying sound engineering.

Music is one of the most important things in my life. It builds sensitivity and imagination which there is never enough of in my profession. I don’t limit myself to one genre. If I get the chance, I read and look for ways to develop myself. I also love swimming, cycling tourism and squash. I plan to travel the world and when I am old I will buy an apartment in Croatia and open a restaurant. It’s difficult to say if I plan to get old.