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Anna Gajos

Account Manager

A graduate in Tourism and Recreation at the Holy Cross University in Kielce, she stared working with people in 2009 in various posts, from sales to deputy manager in sales chains like Jysk, a client of Visualcom’s. The experience gained with clients allowed her to develop soft skills in the advertising sector, which is where she sees her future. She joined Visualcom in 2016, working as an Assistant Account Manager. The ability to learn quickly is one of her qualities which helps her develop her skills as well as engaging herself in new projects. Anna is responsible for developing longstanding cooperation with clients, ensuring documentation is in order and increasing sales to existing clients. She is interested in tourism and likes getting to know new places as well as weekend trips. In her free time she goes cycling and running, reads books and watches films.

My hobbies, fashion and visual marketing, are in line with my responsibilities at Visualcom. I realise my passions at work. My life motto is “If you don’t try it you’ll never know if it was worth it”.