The Technical Platform is a network of several dozen installation teams managed by Visualcom’s Operations Department alongside a range of services supporting the branding process. The Platform guarantees our clients the highest quality of design, production, shipping and technical services. The system is managed in Visualcom by supervision of installation teams and cost optimisation. The Technical Platform covers the whole of Poland. The Technical Platform services are large branding contracts as well as individual orders throughout the country.

The technical platform is a managed network of technical teams realising services like:
Oznakowanie PoS, nieruchomości oraz flotPoint of sale, real estate, fleet signage
Montaże reklamy wielkoformatowej i alpinizm przemysłowyInstallation of large format advertising and industrial rope access
Produkcja i montaż reklamy świetlnej oraz konstrukcji stalowychProduction and installation of light advertising and steel constructions
Plakatowanie billboardów i aplikacja wydrukówBillboard posting and foil application
Budowa i zarządzanie siecią tablic billboardowychDevelopment and management of a billboard network
The advantages of a technical team network managed by visualcom:

Speed of action

Our teams are at the ready 24/7 in every town in Poland


Complete technical documentation

before and after realisation


Effective advice

on solutions and a guarantee of appropriate choice of the best materials



Successful solutions

to all technical and technological challenges


Maintenance and reporting

of the life of the advert in multiple locations


Widespread teams

ensuring low technical surveying, accessing and service costs